Friday, April 29, 2005

The Ebb & Flow and Riveting Streaming Audio

I have entered into negotiations with John from Wuzzadem to start our own online radio show. By "entered into" I mean, when he reads this it will be the first he has heard of it. By online radio show, I mean one of them streaming audio thingies.

That really isn't radio is it? Because radio is what I have in my car and I can't get streaming audio in my car. Well, not since I gave a friend of my sister in law a ride to the Denver airport. She streamed audio. 300 miles and that signal never faded. But I digress. Radio stations build large towers and they do this thing they call "transmit" this thing they call a "signal" using lots and lots of what are known as "watts". Thousands and thousands of watts. All this to make voices resonate from my dashboard. And from that area underneath my back window. I think that area has a name, but I don't know what it is. When I have a streaming audio show maybe someone can call in and tell me what it is. But remember to turn down your computer and tell me how long you have been listening and how many times you have called first. That is important need to know information, the very foundation upon which riveting streaming audio is built.

John probably won't let me ask our guests about pudding. He gets kind of touchy when the conversation turns to pudding . And it always does seem to turn to pudding. The conversation that is. We can hammer all that out in the negotiations. I can talk about things other than pudding. No problem there. But the tension from the pudding controversy will fester just under the surface of the show. Until one day the festered tension erupts and I shout "I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS" and then I storm out of the studio in a tizzy of a snit.

Why do I want to go through all this just to be a big time streaming audio star you ask? Why would I risk all that has been accomplished with this blog on a risky scheme like streaming audio? Normally I would find it annoying that you asked a second question before I had a chance to answer the first question. But in this case you ask good questions that I can answer in one word. The melodrama baby, it's all about the melodrama and my current melodrama deficit.

I am going to hang up and listen now.