Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Day Of Somber Reflection

Today was a quiet day at the institute. Each of us in quiet reflection of days gone by, of simpler times when it was easy to tell the knights in shining armor from those who had gone over to the dark side. Those were the days, yes , magical mystical days when fairies on unicorns brought us the all the information we needed, eighteen minutes worth, (not including commercial interruptions) as we gathered as happy families at the round tables in our fathers castles. We didn't know it of course but, Edward R. Merlin was watching over the readers of the enchanted teleprompters. Slyly sprinkling us with the magic dust of their wisdom. And it was good.

But those days are gone. Information, uncontrolled, unfiltered, unedited information is now pumped into our homes, cars, and computers, like raw sewage without so much as the courtesy of a treatment plant. There are upstart cable networks, dark lords filling our minds on talk radio without video packages prepared by those trained under those trained under Merlin. But the worst thing is the blog beasts who prowl Sherwood Forest in their pajamas without so much as an editor. They have tarnished a great knight from our childhood. And it is bad.

All I can say is courage. Courage.