Friday, January 21, 2005

EFI News Release

The Ebb & Flow Institute
January 21, 2005


The Ebb & Flow Institute Awards Honorary Fellowship To Three Distinguished Personalities

The Ebb & Flow Institute has awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Institute to three distinguished blogosphere personalities. They are spd rdr, KJ and Rodney Dill.

The Honorary Fellowship was awarded to these three personalities in recognition of their significant contributions to the blogosphere over the past years.

"This is the first time in the history of the Ebb & Flow Institute that such awards have been granted as this privilege is extended only to distinguished personalities who have attained a senior level of experience and expertise in their blogging contributions" stated the head of the Institute Pile On.

Mr. On added, "the work load here at the Institute has gotten quite heavy, and since the lovely bride and I are expecting our first child in early March it seemed like the right time to expand the Institute. These gentlemen are heavy hitters so it goes without saying that it takes some large stones for me to offer these Fellowships."

Mr. On went on, "they are free to begin making contributions to the web site as soon as they settle in. The amount of their contributions, and their areas of research are completely at their discretion. We are offering them a free hand to do with as they see fit".