Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Vespers

Hello and welcome to another installment of Friday Vespers here at The Ebb & Flow Institute.

Let the official bartenders of the Institute serve up a cold one for you here.

Now, that you have a beer I have some business I feel I should address; in the straight forward honest manner that you all have come to expect from me.

I have not decided whether I am going to run for President or not. I don't want the job, and I don't want the bullshit that goes with running for the office. But if there is a ground swell of popular support, I will take a hard look at it. The peoples wants, the peoples gets. You own the country, you're the owners of the country.

Now, let's clean out the Piles Files folder.

Ace asks if we can Question Newsweek's patriotism now. Ace is so nuanced, but I think he is getting at yes, yes we can. Do I think Newsweek cares if anyone questions their patriotism? No.


I don't get this, and yet I find it strangely amusing. Bai Ling looks like a very talented young lady. Via Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities.


The Northeast has the dumbest drivers. I am shocked.....SHOCKED!!


Normally jokes don't work in a blog format, but this is damn funny.


Some of you may remember Pooke from back in the day. Pooke has a blog. Who knew?

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