Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oscar's Phone Does Not Dial 911

Oscar nominations have been announced, and Michael Moore's propaganda fest Fahrenheit 9/11 was shut out. Although this would normally be surprising, given the Academy's love for Moore historically, including an Oscar for his previous movie, Bowling for Columbine, it was probably Moore himself that caused the snub. In an effort to up the ante and promote the film, Moore decided to withdraw the movie from consideration for best documentary -- not because it was a propaganda film full of misleading information -- but because he wanted it to get nominated for Best Picture. Well, that strategy backfired. Actual movies, though three of them are biographic (The Aviator, Ray, and Finding Neverland), were nominated instead.

The winners in terms of nominations - The Aviator (11), Million Dollar Baby (7) and Finding Neverland (7). Since I haven't yet seen any of the nominated movies for best picture, I strongly believe that Million Dollar Baby should win. Clint Eastwood is a stud filmmaker, and Morgan Freeman is a great actor.

Snubbed for best picture were the best movies I saw this year: The Village, The Bourne Supremacy and Shrek 2.

Jamie Foxx pulled off a rare double nomination - for best actor in Ray, and best supporting actor in Collateral. I did see Collateral on a hotel TV. I regret to inform you that it did not suck. I am always a little disappointed when Tom Cruise movies do not suck. Forturnately, he does not disappoint me too often.

So who got the nod in the documentary category? Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me," probably the favorite, chronicles a month long all-McDonald's diet. Also nominated was "Born into Brothels," "The Story of the Weeping Camel," "Tupac: Resurrection," and "Twist of Faith." Sadly, not one best picture or best documentary film focuses on the state of women in prison. After interviewing the staff at The Institute, we have decided that no one really cares about the documentaries anyhow.