Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Be A Fool -- Learn The Lingo

As any fool knows, the posse at the E&F runs with the 5% Nation. Surfing here is like riding the RTD, though you are less likely to be 187'ed, unless you a nucker. But just because you ain't yet a playa is no basis to be gully playa hater or take the 5th. So sit back, get your 64 and some 4-20 while you get your 411 here. No dead presidents necessary.

In other words, all people know that the fellows here at the Ebb & Flow Institute are part of the social and educated elite. Blogging here can be rough, tough and dangerous, like the bus in Compton, but you are not likely to be murdered, except intellectually. Nonetheless, just because you currently lack the knowledge to engage all of us with exceptional comments of wit and wisdom, you need not turn that lack of tallent into mean spirited envy, nor need you remain silent and not comment. Intead, sit back with the brew or other recreational drug of your choice while you get the information you need at this link. It is free.