Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bandwagon Marketing--Soldiers' Angels

It has come to my attention that Soldiers' Angels is being inundated and needs assistance as the third deployment of troops gets underway.

Now, in an attempt to persuade as many people as possible to help Soldiers' Angels I will use the tried and true method of bandwagon marketing. Did you know that Olympic Figure Skater Sasha Cohen is a supporter of Soldiers' Angels? Yes, it's true, not only has she been busy growing up, but she has been supporting our troops as well.

I can’t imagine the danger our soldiers face at home and all over the world. How would you feel if your mom or dad were ordered overseas and you didn’t know when they would return home?

Adopting a soldier is the best way I can say to our soldiers that I support you and I don’t take for granted your personal sacrifice to make my world safe.

Sasha Cohen

But she can't do it alone, so go check out all the things that Soldiers' Angels is doing to support our troops, it is very impressive.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog programming.