Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Moment Of Pravda

From the opinion section of the online English version of Pravda (which just happens to be at the top of the homepage).

Personality of the Week: Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation firm and resolute in Bratislava

Vladimir Putin again demonstrated his statesmanship this week in Bratislava in his meeting with President Bush, responding to the latter's "concerns" with diplomacy and tact, two pages that Condoleezza Rice might wish to take from the Russian President's book.


By firm and resolute do they mean making himself look foolish and ignorant? By jeopardizing his countries inclusion in the G-8, for dealing with Iran on nuclear technology?

I used to think my dream job was writing headlines for the Weekly World News, now I wonder if it wouldn't be writing opinion pieces for a state controlled media. What a hoot, I can just see the guy writing this laughing his ass off. At least he didn't declare Putins birthday the "natural holiday of all the humankind".