Thursday, February 24, 2005

Canada Says No Thanks To Missile Defense

TORONTO (AP) - Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew said Thursday that Canada will opt out of the contentious U.S. missile defense scheme, a move expected to further strain relations with the United States and please constituents at home.

Pettigrew, putting an end to nearly two years of debate over whether Canada should sign on to the multibillion-dollar program, said Ottawa would remain a close ally of Washington in the fight against global terrorism and continental security.

Minister Pettigrew went on "we know this wouldn't have cost us anything, but the US is going to build it anyway, and what are they going to do if a missile is coming at us, not shoot it down? The defense system, when they finish it, will protect us anyway so we are going to take the self-righteous condescending moral high ground. Sure it makes us look like sniveling little bitches but honestly it is a win win."

Here at the Institute we don't see any reason to care what Canada does one way or the other. But to the Mayor of Missoula we would like to say, " eminent domain, Banff, for the public good".