Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Rule Of Law--Terri Schindler (Schiavo)

U.S. District Judge James Whittemore, has refused to overturn a Florida state court ruling and allow the reinsertion of a feeding tube for Terri Schindler(I refuse to call her by her husbands name). This comes after congress and the President passed and signed legislation (a law) that ordered her case to be given a full review in the federal courts. Judge Whittemore heard two hours of testimony and then waited all night to make his ruling that he was not going to obey the law passed by our duly elected representatives. Was that enough time to review years of court proceedings like the legislation intended?

Here at the Institute we are big proponents of the rule of law, without it society breaks down into chaos and corruption. We feel the judiciary in this case and in many others is doing great damage to the rule of law by not following legislation passed by congress or state congresses and inserting their own views and in effect negating the efforts of our elected representatives and legislating from the bench.

Judge Whittemore (a Clinton appointee) has thumbed his nose at the President and at Congress. The judiciary is not above the law and it is time for the other two branches of government to reclaim their constitutional authority and defy the tyrants in black robes.

What better time to do it than to step in, tell the judges to go to hell and save the life of an innocent woman? Since when can state courts side with a defacto common law ex-husband (or would you prefer a common law bigamist?) and allow someone to be denied food or water until they are dead?

If I did the same thing to my dogs I would be arrested.


It used to be people would get a living will so if they were on life support people would know their wishes. If they didn't have a living will they would be kept alive indefinitely. When did that get turned on its head, now if you don't have one your spouse can have you snuffed out?


When did having food and water become being kept alive by extraordinary means? This might come as some surprise to the very young or the very old. It may have been a surprise to Christopher Reeves before he passed away.