Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WTW--Gettin' Us A Youngin'

I ain't got no time for this here bloggin' right now. Me and Ma are fixin' to go to yonder hospital and get us a fresh youngin'. Ma has her heart set on one of them there hybrid girls. You know the ones, part what they call caucayshin Amurrican and part Asain. She says them is real purty, and real smart too, like that fancy talkin' Mishell Mallkins woman. Shoooooeeeeeyyy.

Well, gots ta be hittin the road, it is a long ride inta town.

Ya'll take care now yahere! I'ell get back to ya when I makes sure she has nine fangers and levven piggies.

Ma and Pa On.


Shut yer meat trap go a callin' at these here neighbors, theys purty good folks if'n ya don't be mindin' the smell.

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