Wednesday, March 23, 2005

WTW--The Right To Die White Trash Style

Tara Poche, A Fort Bend County Texas woman has become an icon and hero of right to die activists when she was left with no choice but to smother her husband and then set their house on fire, after doctors declared her husband in a permanent quadriplegic state or PQS. Sterling Poche, had been in a state of PQS since an auto accident while serving in the army in 1990.

Tara Poche, 35, speaking before a grassroots organization called A Spouse's Right To Have Their Spouse Kill Them When They Are In a Permanent State Of Inconvenience other wise known as ASRTHTSKTWTAIAPSOI, thrilled the gathered throngs when she stated, "my husband had the right for me to kill him, he warn't gonna get no better. He don' tol' me as much. We was sittin around watching an after school TV special when he says to me, he says, honey if I am ever in an auto accident that leaves me in a wheelchair don't you be keepin' me alive by any extraordinary measures like getting me something to eat. I don't want to be a livin that way even if I am getting a $6400.00 monthly disability check. You just smother me or something, even if I scream, that's what I want".

"So I don' smothered him. He didn't scream out in pain or nuthin' like that there, it was a peaceful gentle way of a gettin' your card punched. I am gettin sick and damn tired of these bible thumpin busy bodies coming down here and tellin' me, you a goin' ta hell, you killed a man and you are gonna burn in the fires of hell. This here is a private matter, a family matter, you politicians up there in Washington can just keep your noses out of my families business too. We got a little thing down here in Texas called the right to privacy, it is in the constitution, I think they call it the ninth amendment or something."

Before Tara was whisked away from her adoring death lobby fans, returning to her boyfriend, the father of her two children she was asked, why she set the house on fire after she lovingly smothered her husband? "Oh", she stated, "that's just something I have always been a wantin' ta do".


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