Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Uninspired Tuesday

There is nothing in the news today that I am able to draw any inspiration from. So now we know who Deep Throat is. Watergate..... yawn......that's fresh. Chalk it up to my heteronormative world view but I was a little surprised to learn that Deep Throat is a man. What does that tell us about Bob......Wood........duh............ward? Bob Wood......duh.......ward will nei......ther con...firm nor de.....ny this stor......yyyyy.

Paris is engaged to Paris. Big hotel heir merges with big shipping heir. Who cares. Am I supposed to make jokes about how she might be able to remember his name? I hope he has a friend who is a big pharmaceutical heir.

I finally figured something out today. Sometimes I will be checking out at the grocery store, standing there with my gallon of milk, hot link sausages and baby spinach salad (but not with the breakfast cereal that I friggin' forgot); minding my own business, not listening to the two heavily pierced and tattooed lesbians behind me complain about how everyone got drunk at the gay bar last night, and how it was totally lame because the music was lousy, and then sometimes I won't hear them remark how hot Jessica Simpson looks in a bikini because I won't be eavesdropping. So, as I stand there waiting for the guy in front of me to finish purchasing his loaf of white bread and Miller Lite tall boys I certainly will not be thinking about how superficial these lesbians are because when I looked at the magazine cover of Jessica Simpson in a bikini, the only thing that occurred to me was what a dumb expression she had on her face.

Still with me? I haven't gotten to what I figured out yet. Okay, so I complete my business transaction and as I put my debit card away the checker woman asks me if I "need help out with that?". Why would a strapping young lad like myself need help out with a gallon of milk, package of sausages and a bag of salad? This has happened often enough that I decided to give it some thought. After extensive giving of thought, I can only come to one logical conclusion. These grocery checker girls are so totally trying to pick me up. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out, but hey, I don't begrudge anyone their dreams.

So since I am uninspired today, I am not going to write anything. Check back often though, twice an hour just to be sure you don't miss anything. Go visit KJ over at the Cheese, he seems to have been inspired over the weekend. Good stuff, yeah, good stuff.

Blogroll update:

I did remember the other site I meant to add to my blogroll but then forgot when I was adding sites to my blogroll, Topic Drift. Check it out, Esther has it going on. I also added The Poison Apple Tree, Pookie's site that I mentioned on Friday. I think I added something else, but I forget now.

Pile out.

Update on the Blogroll Update:

I remembered the other site I added to the blogroll, Pile On in Aught Ocho. I have said that what the peoples wants the peoples gets, so if they manage to raise enough money and put together a first rate organization I will have no choice but to serve my country. So having the site on the blogroll will make it easier for all of us to keep tabs on them.

Pile out, again.