Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Whatever Happened to Friday Vespers Post

Hello and welcome Institute patrons to a long overdue Saturday version of Friday Vespers. Here at the Institute we have made the rare move of opening up the visitors center on a Saturday to kick off the 2005 World Series. So, make yourself at home, the beer is free in the lounge, and the game will be on in the media room.

Before the game starts, we need to take care of some overdue business. As soon as I remember my blogroll username, I will be making the following additions/changes.

Vinnie has moved to a new home. Nice graphics, but I think the boy has some issues with death. Cool site, check it out.

Adding Think Sink is long overdue, another site to get your blog funny fix.

A site called Conservathink has recently come to my attention, it is worth checking out. Go.

Now, back to baseball. Houston in 6.


I mean Houston in!