Sunday, October 02, 2005

Johnsons Not Jihadis

After reading this brilliantly written and flawlessly executed post on the growing conservative movement in Berkeley; which contains photos from a Breasts not Bombs anti-war protest, I am giving some consideration to starting a pro-war counter protest movement.

I just haven't settled on a name for the movement, which I am sure will generate a groundswell of support.

Here are a few names I am kicking around (figuratively not literally).

Pleasure Pickles not Peackniks

Manroots not Moonbats

Trouser Hawgs not Terrorists

Dinglehoppers not Democrats

Love Guns not Leftards

Pink Cigars not Commie Pinkos

Doo-hickeys not Dimwits

Pocket Otters not Appeasers

Man Hammers not Marxists

Baloney Ponys not Bolsheviks

like all good grass roots movements, we (I) are (am) open to suggestions.