Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check Out This Internets

If you have time this holiday season, we here at the Institute suggest you check out the Internets. It's something. You can find information on things like what your city council is doing, or exchange food cooking recipes with other people interested in food cooking recipe exchange.

Thousands of people are probably checking out the Internets right now. Thousands of people getting information on who knows what (I don't know what). Maybe they are chatting with like minded individuals in what are known as "chatting rooms" where people engage in high minded discourse.

The Internets has grown in popularity and experts believe it will continue to do so. These same expert peoples say that within ten years every town in America may have it's own computer hooked up on the Internets grid.

I predict that one day soon, with a few creative keystrokes one will be able to find pictures of pretty girls on the Internets.