Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Hillary Clinton Blames Bush for Abortions

In a speech at a pro-abortion rally Hillary stated "In the [first] three years since President Bush took office, eight states have seen an increase in abortion rates and four saw a decrease."

Twisted statistics aside, one has to wonder if young women take into consideration who the president is before making the decision to terminate their pregnancies.


Hamas to Suspend Attacks Upon Conditions

A spokesperson for Conditions speaking on the condition of anonymity stated unconditionally that conditions "refused to guarantee it would not pursue militants, but has said it will respond to calm with calm".


Listening Device Found Near Kidman's Home

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Detectives are investigating an electronic listening device that was allegedly planted outside Nicole Kidman's Sydney mansion, police said.

A police spokesperson speaking on the condition of anonymity stated, "we don't get it, a webcam, yeah, that would make sense, but a listening device?"


Paige Davis leaving as host of TLC's 'Trading Spaces'

New York - Paige Davis is moving out of TLC's "Trading Spaces."

The perky host of the popular TV show about couples who redecorating each other's homes is leaving, the cable network announced Monday. TLC said Davis' departure is part of a spring transition to a hostless format.

So, if I have this right it will just be people redecorating each others houses? No cute perky host?

Good luck with that.

Paige Davis


****News Update****

50% Percent of Afghanistan's Jewish population dies in a single day.

Fears of genocide were put to rest when the other 50% stated "I never liked that son of a bit** anyway"