Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sh*thouse at Pipingrad

One good thing about blogging at the Institute is that I might feel freer to post some things that I wouldn't feel all that free to post at Wizbang or at OTB. Outside of some very loose guidelines that boil down to: Don't do anything Stupid or Bring your own beer things are pretty open here. James at OTB had much more concise guidelines that boiled down to: "Do pretty much whatever you want." However, I do not feel inclined to do too much to change the nature of James site.

Sh*thouse at Pipingrad.com has been around for a while and every once in a while a couple of more strips show up. So if you've seen it, too bad. If not it's worth going over once or twice. some of these are bad taste, but most are hilarious. There's some other stuff at the site too, but nothing quite as good.