Saturday, February 12, 2005

End Of The Trail Part II

The continuing adventures of Ward Churchill and Sithole the trans-gendered track star from Zimbabwe.

Churchill: Sithole, I will call you Runs With A Penis. In the language of my people that means a female track star who has a penis.

Sithole: As you wish, I do not want to infringe upon your first amendment rights of free speech.

Churchill: This medicine man of yours, who caused the penis to grow on you because you failed to pay your bill, must be a Little Eichman Medicine Man. It is the way of my people for medicine men not to charge for their services. Clearly this man has been corrupted by the capitalist white man.

Sithole: Who are your people?

Churchill: Runs With A Penis, let us smoke a while.

Sithole knew that by "a while", Churchill meant a long while.