Sunday, February 13, 2005

End of the Trail Part III

The continuing adventures of Ward Churchill and Sithole the trans-gendered track star from Zimbabwe.

Churchill: Runs With A Penis, there are many trails in this life. You must choose the trail of a true human being. Whether or not you run this trail with a penis is not important. Oppressive gender issues are only important to the white man. You will find no meaning in your life if you are pursuing the white mans gold medals in the Southern Region Athletics Championships of Africa.

Sithole: Ward, you have the wisdom of the ages, do you think I should cop a plea, to reduce the charges against me?

Churchill: No, Runs With A Penis, the white man has put his name on paper too many times. How many times must the white man break his word about tenure? Do you not remember the tenure talks of Sandy Creek? Do you not remember Blue Water and Shell River? I would like to ask you a question my friend, what would make these promises any different than those of the past?

Sithole: I think it is your turn to do the dishes.

Churchill: Runs With A Penis, I am Ward Churchill. Do you see that I am your friend? CAN YOU SEE THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND?????