Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's WTW Ya'll

Today we shine the spotlight on a WTW icon and give her a big Ebb & Flow Salute. Before Shania Twain bared her midriff and shook her money maker there was the feminine trailblazer Catherine Bach.

She is best known for her role in the Dukes of hazard, where she won many a young mans heart for her riveting portrayal of Daisy Duke.

Playing Daisy Duke she blossomed as an actress, it was a role that allowed her to fully develop her character.

There was pumping gas Daisy,
and driving a jeep Daisy.

As well as picking up a garbage bag out of a whiskey barrel daisy.......versatile no?????

All this popularity, led to things like action
figures, shown here in the long hair
version with unbleached teeth.

There were other consumer products like glass smoking pipes and ladies footwear.

All of this led to some things that are hard
to understand.

As you might expect, this kind of unprecedented fame led to overexposure and fan burnout.

But Catherine persevered. Sure typeasting, gravity and the opinions of others conspired to keep her down, but she made the best of the cards that were dealt her.

She still makes appearances at Dukesfests.

Giving back to her fans.

Catherine Bach, please accept a big Ebb & Flow Salute from the Institute.


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