Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Evening Round Up

These little stories were running wild, so with the help of my trusted collie Bo, I rounded these up for your benefit.

Dennis the menace He Ain't

Boy, 14, caught shooting steel balls with slingshot at motorists. "He thought he was having fun is what he told us," Orlando police spokesman Rich Lane said. I thought "having fun" was a subjective concept. If he thought he was having fun, then by God he was having fun.

Office Body Language

Ever wondered how to get that annoying co-worker out of your office or cubicle? Don't have the balls to just say "GET LOST ANNOYING LOSER!!!!" No problem. Slacker Manager has your solution. Other office problems also discussed by the expert.

President's Speech at National Defense University

President Bush gives another rousing speech. The theme: I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Did Anyone Ask If She Was Teaching an S&M Class

A teacher strapped an autistic boy to his wheelchair and left him in a locked bathroom. Why is it that I never hear stories like this coming from our private schools?

Bare Breasts By Police Consent

Women at the Bike Week celebration at Daytona Beach will be allowed to go topless Sunday. And police will not arrest them, so long as they stay on a flatbed truck. Hopefully, that is all that is flat about that truck. Ms. Book, one such enthusiast, has said it is unfair that only men are allowed to go topless in public places and that women are fined for flashing their breasts at events like Bike Week. Just another example of the Man trying to keep a good woman down.

U.S. Cities Compete -- The Winners and the Losers

Depression And Happiness: Now we know why Pile On is always so cheerful. Three Texas cities were among the happiest. The most depressed? No surprises. Philadelphia tops that list, followed by Detroit, St. Louis and St. Petersburg and Tampa, Fla. Not one good college basketball team in the mix.

Homelessness Meanies: Once again Atlanta comes in second place. Oh, when will we be first!? Atlanta is deemed the second meanest city to the homeless, after Little Rock. Chin up, Atlanta. With a little hard work, you can knock Little Rock off its perch.

MoveOn.Org House Party -- Staying Involved in the Current Issues

Conscientious Objection- resisting the draft (2 registered
participants)[address omitted]New York, NY

This gathering will provide information about Conscientious Objection:
what it is, how to prepare a CO file, and how people of all ages can participate
in resisting the draft. If there is time at the end we can discuss other MoveOn
agenda issues, but the focus will be on the main topic. West Village, just south
of meatpacking district. Thursday, March 10, 07:00 PM

Resisting the Draft, eh? They are near the meat packing district. Next week they might read The Jungle and start working on food safety. Or maybe have a party on a women's suffrage amendment.

Rather Watch

Pile On addressed Mr. Rather. This headling was too good to pass up though: "After Rather Departs, 'News' Ready to Forge On"--headline, USA Today, March 7. I thought that was the problem.

Heaven Has All The Good Electricians

"Electrical Fault Blamed for Fire in Hell"--headline, New Zealand Herald, March 3, 2005.

Wisconsin Opens School For The Bullied and Harassed

In Milwaukee, Alliance School open its doors to those who feel bullied and harassed. I can't help wondering. A 90 IQ looks like a genius in a room full of 70 IQs. Does the top of the heap of the bullied become the new bullies in the Alliance School?

There. All rounded up.