Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Bush Picks Uber-Diplomat For UN Ambassador

John R. Bolton, the President's choice for UN Ambassador is well known for his diplomatic skills. He is noted for once having said, "it wouldn't matter if 10 stories of the world body's headquarters simply vanished". He has also said "the United States is the world's only real authority".

He holds the nuanced position that the UN's human rights monitor is a rogue bureaucrat whose conduct "is a threat that we ignore at our own risk."

Senate Democrats have stated that they were hoping for a nominee that would speak frankly and define the US position in plain language, they are now gathering and arsenal of nuanced diplo-speak that will likely lead to contentious confirmation hearings.


King Tut Did Not Die A Violent Death

Nor did he die from an accident that crushed his chest.

But he did, nevertheless, die.


White House Admits First Blogger To News Briefing

He writes the site Fishbowl DC, which I had not heard of.

No word yet on whether he has ever worked as a gay prostitute.


Coach Accused of Licking Player's Cuts

HALSEY, Ore. (AP) -- A state panel plans to investigate a high school football coach who acknowledged licking a bloody cut on the knee of one of his players.

The student whose knee was licked told police Reed had given team members a pep talk about a coach licking and healing injured players' wounds so they could get back in a game.

Reed, 34, who also teaches science, acknowledged the incident last year after the parent's complaint. The school district placed him on probation and required him to take a "bloodborne pathogens" course.

You would think a science teacher would know, that when you lick a persons bloody wound, not only are you licking that persons bloody wound, but you are also licking the bloody wound of every person whose bloody wound the person with the bloody wound has licked. And so on.


Counter-Recruiters Shadowing The Military

Rectal Headgear.