Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What Is The Best Truckin' Song Of All Time?

How many occupations can boast their own musical genre???

Not very durn many, I reckon.

What is the best truck drivin' song of all time? That is a tough question, there are so many good ones. I know I will catch hell for my selections, but I have narrowed it down to six. Let's settle this, for once and for all time. Here are your selections, in no particular order.

1. Little Joe by Red Sovine

Red Sovine is the king of the talkie tune. This is a classic heart wrenching tune about a little crippled boy jawbonin' on the cb radio with some good truckin' buddies. I recommend you pick up a Red Sovine greatest hits double cd set, a fifth of Wild Turkey and give your ticker a good wrenching.

2. Roll On Big Mama by Joe Stampley

Joe had his career ups and downs and was often paired with Moe Bandy. He was at his finest when he recorded this truckin' classic.

3. East Bound And Down by Jerry Reed

Made famous by the movie Smoky and the Bandit this song exemplified the can do spirit and the outlaw streak of the great American trucker. That and a catchy tune will put it on anyone's list of the best trucking songs of all time.

4. White Line Fever by The Flying Burrito Brothers

This song was written by Merle Haggard but was made a classic by the original hippie rock and rollers to cross over to truckin' music, Chris Hillman (the Byrds) and Gram Parsons.

5. Convoy by C. W. McCall

Many truckin' music purists consider this a sellout tune, but it did bring the genre to a much wider audience with its success in the pop scene. For that it deserves to be among the finalists.

6. Big Ugly Wheels by The Beat Farmers

The Beat Farmers were alt-country pioneers of the 80's before the death of Country Dick Montana. You won't hear this song on the KRVN all night I-80 trucking show but it makes the list because too often we put truckers up on a pedestal. This song shows the human side of truckers with it powerful lyrics about waiting for your truckin' wife to come home, wondering if she is out with another guy carrying a heavy load? Then when she does come home her mustache is caked with vomit and there are teeth marks on her butt.

What is the best truckin' tune of all time?
Little Joe by Red Sovine
Roll On Big Mama by Joe Stampley
East Bound And Down by Jerry Reed
White Line Fever by The Flying Burrito Brothers
Convoy by C. W. McCall
Big Ugly Wheels by The Beat Farmers
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UPDATE: Okay, I have made an error. The Red Sovine song described above is actually Teddy Bear. Little Joe is a follow up song that includes a stray puppy and a horrible accident that saved the lives of children on a school bus. And yes, Teddy Bear makes an appearance, somehow, miraculously he is no longer crippled and drives his own big rig. I am not going to change the vote, they are a set, a vote for one is a vote for the other.

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