Friday, April 15, 2005

An Inquiry Into the Nature and Mental Wealth of Bloggers II

An Inquiry Into the Nature and Mental Wealth of Bloggers-part I

This report is released to bring you up to date on a current research project at The Ebb & Flow Institute. In the past, we would have, upon completion of the study submitted it to a scientific journal for peer review. With the growth of the internet we have new opportunities for the dissemination of scientific information. We have decided to allow you, the reader, to follow the progress of important research as it happens, to join us in expanding the realm of human knowledge.

We are convinced this will become the norm in scientific research. Journal subscriptions are a significant financial burden on institutional libraries and individual researchers, and present a major obstacle to the timely and comprehensive sharing and use of scientific information. This format also allows other researchers to engage in constructive dialogue as research takes place, promoting the public good of scientific work and disseminating research outputs to all who have an interest in them.


This weeks question that was sent to a random sample of bloggers.

What impact do you think the phenomenal growth of blogs is going to have on desserts like pudding? So as not to restrict your answers, please feel free to include desserts that have a high percentage of pudding content, like say 40% or more.

Preston Taylor Holmes @ Six Meat Buffet

Very difficult question, but here’s how I see it.

The phenomenal growth of bloggery and blog addiction is going to have absolutely no impact on pudding-based desserts.

It’s true that blog-addicts and bloggers alike will more frequently skip desserts (especially pudding-based desserts) whilst enjoying a meal at their favorite eateries so that they can get home to find out what so-and-so posted in the last 15 minutes. This will have a negative impact on pudding-based desserts.

However, due to the consistently upward trend in home pudding enjoyment, just as many bloggers and blog-addicts will enjoy such desserts at home as they sit down in front of their browsers to post this-or-that or find out what so-and-so posted in the last 15 minutes. This will have a positive impact on pudding consumption.

These two factors will negate each other, bringing the net impact back to zero, though expect a run on pudding pops this summer as the Cosby Show makes a brief comeback in a fit of 80’s TV nostalgia.

Hector Vex @ Hector Vex's Infotainment

I believe that the growth of blogs will have a positive impact on pudding and pudding like products such as Flan and that thing we made in grade school with the Oreo cookies and gummy worms. Early studies have shown that while blogging increases a craving for sugar and carbohydrate filled products, it has also been proven that pudding is among those sugar based products.

Studies have also shown that since blogging's inception there has been a rise in pudding cup consumption. Jell-o brand pudding recently conducted a highly scientific and professional study of pudding consumption by bloggers. Most of the participants have sadly died from lack of oxygen to the brain, and the results of the study are no longer available to the public. Additional studies into the habits of pudding eaters as bloggers are planned, but the government has suspended funding for pudding based research.

All in all, pudding has become the staple of a bloggers dietary needs, along with coffee, marijuana, internet porn and cheetos. This is a huge step for the pudding industry and represents a previously untapped market when it comes to marketing and sales initiatives. Thank you.

Dr. Hector Vex - Consultant to the Institute for Pudding Research & Development

Eric @ Vince Aut Morire

The effect of the blogosphere on pudding is one of infinite possibility. I firmly believe that, as goes the blogosphere, so goes pudding. For example, as more and more people discover the innate joy of blogging, the sale and consumption of pudding and pudding by-products will experience rapid growth. Hysterical spouses, distraught by the time their loved on is now spending on the computer reading, researching, writing, and commenting, not to mention trackbacking, will turn to simple comfort foods such as pudding and its related by-products for solace.

Another example of bloggers boosting the pudding and related by-product industry. As more and more journalists and media executives, for example that guy Rather and the other one, Easel something, find themselves out of work, they will have more time to experiment with their favorite pudding and related by-product recipes.

William Teach @ Pirate's Cove

On question 1, pudding rocks. Cannot get jello in chocolate. Cannot get jello in chocolate vanilla swirl. Jello is served in hospitals, where I have spent entirely too much time with a broken leg and broken ankle.

question 2:

Pudding is in fact the main stay diet of right wing bloggers. Bill Cosby has told us for years how great pudding is. Pudding allows us a quick snack to focus our mental energies to come up with the positive, humorous, and insightful material that we write.

Contrast this with Left wing blogs. Their drab, depressing, and rarely humorous material shows a complete lack of pudding in their diets. I would suspect that they are jello junkies. One cannot get excited about jello. It's flavored water with lots of harmful dyes. I would suspect that if they were introduced to pudding, particularly a good chocolate one, maybe with strawberry swirl, their bleak attitudes would do a 180, and they would become Republicans.

Billy Budd @ American Dinosaur

It is difficult to quantify the ramifications of the exponential growth of the blogosphere into the pudding realm. However, the sheer size and popularity of pudding blogs could actually change the dynamics of the dessert industry. Never before have so many pudding and pudding product connoisseurs been brought together sharing pudding information. All this has lead to a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and the expansion of the pudding data base. It puts that hard won knowledge into the hands of all pudding lovers, not just those who spend their lives watching the Food Network.

This could lead to a serious rift in the pudding camps, those who chose to remain true to its roots and ancient recipes and those who challenge the very existence of all known pudding dogma and refuse to accept this at face value.

The more pudding information that is brought forth to the scrutiny and relentless dissection of those hallowed pudding Bloggers, the more fiction, urban legends and lies will be discarded like an empty Jello pudding container. That honesty, integrity, and wholesome desire to find the truth in pudding publication, product testing and consumer education will benefit all mankind.

Liberal Larry @ BlameBush

It's amazing that just 40 years ago, blacks weren't even allowed to blog, and were forced to eat pudding from separate bowls than whites. Today, 9 out of every 10 people either have a blog, or have ate pudding. Perhaps in another 40 years, two consenting adults of the same gender will be allowed to share a bowl of pudding without fear of physical violence. If my blog ultimately helps to achieve that dream, then it will have been worth the sad, fruitless existence that is my life.


There were a surprising number of bloggers that did not respond to question number 2 in this research project. We have made the executive decision to no longer release the names of the non-responsive responders. It is not our purpose to "out" anyone as a science "hater". Perhaps they instinctively knew that if everyone responded this post would be unspeakably long.