Thursday, April 21, 2005

Profound Profundity from Senator Chuck Hagel R. France

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has delayed a vote on President Bush's Nominee to be the Ambassador to the United Nations. John Bolton it seems, may have spoken in a harsh tone to a liberal activist who once worked with him. This has made Senator Voinovich of Ohio uncomfortable. You see, Senator Voinovich, even though he missed Bolton's hearings where these charges were discussed, places a high value on "interpersonal skills and how we treat each other".

Once again our second favorite Senator from Nebraska has been out-mavericked by another Republican Senator looking to curry favor from the media that adores a Republican who goes against Bush.

Nevertheless, Senator Hagel offered this sage sagacity on the nomination of John Bolton.

For those of you who do not speak French, I have offered the English translation in red.

"We need a uniter. We need a builder. We need someone who will reach out to our friends and our allies at the United Nations."

Bolton is a mean poopyhead who won't make us popular at the UN.

And the Nebraska senator hedged when asked whether he would vote for Bolton. "At this point, I will," he said. "But I have been troubled with more and more allegations, revelations, coming about his style, his method of operation."

I want to be a maverick, but it's hard sometimes when you are a wussie. You make a really good maverick type vote and the meanybutts get mad at you. I just want to be the maverick everybody admires.

Nevertheless, Hagel said the increasing allegations about Bolton, including assertions that he tried to get intelligence analysts fired, remained bothersome. He called it a "disturbing pattern of things that had come out about Bolton's management style" and likened it to intimidation.

"We cannot have that at the United Nations," Hagel said. "That should not be anywhere in our government."

I get so tired of this administwations weckless uniwateralism. It's weally bad. You want to know how tired of it I am. Look at the bags under my eyes, THAT'S HOW FWIGGIN' TIRED OF IT I AM!!!