Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Paris Hilton Not Spinning In The No Spin Zone

For the second time Bill O'Reilly will be covering the Paris Hilton in a Carls Jr. ad story.

Maybe this time he can get to the bottom of this important issue.

I don't know if it is in the Impact Segment or the Most Ridiculous Item of The Day Segment.

I will update as details warrant.


It was in the Factor Follow Up Segment. Of course.

The guest--Andrew Puzder CEO of CKE Resteraunts.


Families hate you, they hate you, hate you hate you hate you. Who are you trying to appeal to with this ad campaign?


18-34 year old males Bill, they eat a lot of fast food and they like Paris Hilton. There is also a segment of the 18-34 year old female population that looks up to Paris.


Look at this clip that we are showing over and over, I hope families are watching because we have been promoting this all day. Look at it Mr Puzder, Families won't like this. This is risky to be doing this isn't it? You could be turning a lot of people off with this ad.


Oh, I don't know, we had a woman on a bull ad that was kind of risky, and it worked.


Really, a woman on a bull.....send me a clip of that and we'll have you back on the show.

Oh, and bring Paris with you, I want to watch her eat a burger.