Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pile On's Astros Overcome Steroid Stigma

As anyone knows who blogged in this circle last September, Pile On is a Houston Astros fan. One well known former Astro, Ken Caminiti is an admitted steroid user. The Astros of today, however, are to be commended for not letting that stigma follow the team any longer.
“We’ve decided that we’re going to put restoring the credibility of the game ahead of winning and scoring runs,” said Astros outfielder Lance Berkman, who is hitting .216. “I think that if fans still think that players are using steroids, all they have to do is look at our offense and they’ll see there’s no way any of us could be cheating.”

Though I am not a Houston local, I think Biggio and Bagwell are class acts and stand up players. I probably join Pile On in wishing that they were not so dedicated to eliminating those nasty steroid rumors.