Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ban On The Word "Meme" Temporarily Lifted

I don't like the word meme. Meme has been memeing like a memescratcher through the memesphere. Soon all of our memeblogs will be memified, leaving them memedentical.

This in good conscience I cannot abide.

I bring this up because I have been tagged by KJ of the Cheese with a flaming meme meme. I would just ignore this memeage but I remember tagging KJ with a meme once. Sure it was less meme but it was a meme nonethelesser.

Five things I miss from my childhood.

1. Sports, baseball, basketball, football, that kind of crap. Not soccer, I grew up in America. I remember playing pickup baseball in a vacant lot where we had the ground rule that if you hit a ball off the shingles of the house in straightaway centerfield it was an automatic homerun. I think I would get in trouble if I tried that now.

2. Killing things. I used to be able to walk right through the middle of town with a gun, stroll into the country, kill things and return home with my kill, and as long as it was the appropriate killing season for the things I killed no one would think anything of it. I think I would get in trouble if I tried that now. It would be a long walk too....or perhaps it wouldn't.

3. Getting someone to buy beer and driving country roads with my buddies until it was gone. I think I would get in trouble for that now.

4. Chasing young Nebraska girls. I would like to think I would get in trouble for that now.

5. A Nebraska football Saturday when the sun is shining the leaves have changed color and the air is cool and not a car moving on the streets. I wouldn't get in trouble for this now, it just seems like light years away.

In an effort to make the memesphere a better place, I am not going to pass this on. I don't care about the bad luck, this is America you make your own luck. Besides all a man needs in this world is a little bit of brains and enough strength to pick himself up off the dirt.