Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Link Because.....Because I Care

Man eating shark startles hot chick. Chick kills shark with bare hands....and long legs.

Are you doing enough to destroy the planet? Find out here. I scored a 22, and I am tired of carrying you slackers.

Have you ever noticed that the only people using State Parks in Washington are......are....uh....a little on the white side? No? Me neither, but somebody did, and the situation calls for affirmative action.

Shallow end anti-American columnist from the Boston Globe gets his hoohoodilly slammed in Citizen Journalist's car door.

I don't care much about blogrolls and whether I am on them or not, but I have made it a point to get on this one. So everyone click on the link and help me get their attention, and maybe the crack young staff will stop the hatin'. Oh, and if you were confused about the word feculent, you can see it used in a sentence. Damn, that is what I call enticement.