Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Special Independence Day Vespers

Hello and welcome compatriots, to a very special fourth of July holiday weekend episode of Friday Vespers here at the world renowned The Ebb & Flow Institute.

Put on your most patriotic outfit and come on down to the Institute for a tour of our facility, this weekend only, admission is free.

Here at the Institute the official beer of our nations birthday is Liberty Ale. Thanks to the generosity of the Anchor Brewery, today only, they are free to the first 100 visitors (limit 11 per person).

Of course we will be serving large pieces of meat, and some other stuff too. I don't know what else, other stuff, I am in charge of the large pieces of meat.

Cautionary note of caution.

Please peoples, it is damn hot out there, make sure you wear sunscreen, you don't want to end up like this chick (you have to click on the word chick to see, and if you don't.... my.... won't you feel left out?).

Also, don't drink and drive, you might spill your beer.

Thanks be unto God that this wasn't an American microbrew, that would have been a tragedy.

There will be fireworks and funnel cakes on the veranda at sundown.



I almost forgot, salute to KJ of the Cheese for the Grolsch disaster photo.


For the record I did make a brisket today, but the photo above is a file photo and not my brisket. I can only presume it is sliced improperly because it is more photogenic that way. I don't want you all thinking of me as a meat amateur.