Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Ebb & Flow Institute--An Employee Testimonial

Hello Institute website readers, my name is Claire, and I work at The Ebb & Flow Institute.

I haven't always worked at the Institute. In fact I used to work at a different job, but when the Institute opened up the big think tank supercenter out on the Truck Route I decided to submit one of them applications papers. You see, I heard that the Institute was employing many different kinds of peoples. While I am not many different kinds of peoples but just one kind of different peoples, I thought I had as good a shot as some of them other kinds of peoples I saw standing in line to get one of them papers of application.

When I started I was what folks call an hourly employee, but I done a good job and pretty soon they offered me a promotions into the customer service departments. I worked real good at servicing customers and it warn't long atall before they called me up to the personnel departments.

I been here going on 9 years, give or take, and I can't know how I could be no happier. When I started I had no idear of the glorious career opportunities that would unfold before me like cheap tables at a family reunion come grub time.

Yep. I'm Claire, and I work at The Ebb & Flow Institute SuperCenter out here on FM 5729 in Humble Texas.