Sunday, August 21, 2005

From the Halls of Academe--Double Translated

I enjoyed the link provided by Jehane where Star Wars was translated into Chinese and then back into English again. So, for your viewing pleasure, I have translated the previous post into Chinese, and then back into something resembling English. Enjoy.

The snapshot which classifies from the first week and which piles one partly takes from Academe hall several a public school chemistry instructor.

"Is a your good person. "

"This kind is hard?"

"You have yesterday made any important?"

"You go to Nebraska University ? How have you gone to Texas?"
Is long and the dirty fable, the full plot, the deviation and the morals are mean. "
" Humph. "
" I here obtained have equally quickly looked like me to be able. "
" Oh. "

"So when they give the place which the mouse the chemotherapy clothing anesthetic you the wife serves, their hair falls down?"
"Certainly, but they give them the little baseball hat therefore they not to feel from already the conscience. "

"Uh person, gentleman. O needs you completely and has not separated. "

"I thought you said you are a good person. "

"So you meant we are the bad kind?"
"Does not have, You are the good kind, You display extremely."

"I am a student which you likes, Right?"

From soundly fell asleep and her thumb reliably plants on the other day by hers head on hers desk in hers cake hole girl, "our group meeting wants to do an experiment in the seminal fluid. "

"We meet want to perform a time of experiment rather to be able to give us in any people, 50 minute or a US dollar. "
"what is your hypothesis?"
"We thought the people rather can give us a 50 minute ratios US dollar.
"How did you propose tests your hypothesis?"
"Which do we take a walk in all directions in the school with the institutional records of a reign ask others for help they rather to be able to give us, 50 minute or a US dollar. "

"I do not like me the seat which assigns. "
"You are in you are the same seat has assigned in front of the seat in me. "
"I knew, But the people suck nearby me. "