Sunday, January 08, 2006

Coming Soon to Discriminating Theatres Near You

Brokeback Jihadis

A raw, powerful story of two young Marin County goat herders who flee their culture's heteronormative oppression in search of self-actualization and spiritual fulfillment.

The two protagonists meet in 2003 on their way to an Islamic Conflict Resolution and Cultural Harmony Camp somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan.

In the close quarters of their pup tent the two budding Jihadis taste the forbidden fruit of unprotected man-love that is never spoken of in their sexually repressed homeland of Northern California.

In the open and tolerant environment of their Jihadi love camp the two young men form the kind of life long bond the likes of which few in western society are capable.

"Like the prophet Muhammad (peace be unto him), we accept and love all people, whatever lifestyle choice they have made."

Because of their strict adherence to the Jihadi Health and Safety Administration's guidelines the two young Jihadis return home and go their separate ways after three years of the rewarding but often dangerous duty of spreading the Prophets love.

In their home country where homosexuals are routinely rounded up and persecuted the two lovers yearn for their days back in the pup tent.

"I want all those people who are orientered differently than us, rounded up!"

In this era of unconstitutional dictatorship, homo Jihadis are routinely arrested and held as enemy combatants, forced to do back breaking work at an undisclosed location somewhere in Wyoming.

"It's a deeply felt, emotional love story that deals with the uncharted, mysterious ways of the human heart just as so many mainstream films have before it. The two lovers here just happen to be homo Jihadis."-- Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"This is one of the best serious films about Jihadi homosexuality ever made..."-- Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

Director Ang Lee infuses every frame with conviction and tenderness though the powerful ewww factor of the two lovers trying to lead a heterosexual lifestyle will keep away most moviegoers. 3 1/2 STARS for the thematically disturbing but expertly crafted “Brokeback Jihadi." --Michael Medved, Eye on Entertainment