Monday, December 06, 2004

Spotlight on Women's Issues

It is common knowledge that we at the institute are champions of equal rights for women. We love and cherish women, yet for some reason we are not getting enough traffic from the fairer sex here at our website. In an effort to reach out to, and increase our readership among women, we will periodically take a look at news stories regarding women's issues.

Wells College is one of the few remaining all female institutions of higher learning, but that will soon be changing. We are not alone in our displeasure with this development. We think that if people want, for some strange reason, to attend a single sex college there should be a place where they can do so.

Working out should not just be a bastion of male dominance. Here is a great idea for mothers to get some exercise and bond with their children while doing so.

The Methodist Church shows its intolerance of lesbians.

While we don't disagree that a long wait in the airport may in some cases be grounds for divorce, we are outraged, that in Saudi Arabia a man can divorce a woman anytime he wants, but a woman has to jump through legal hurdles to get a separation.

We oppose the exploitation of women, but we are thankful to live in a country where even women can exploit women.

It would not be possible for us to disagree with this New York Times article any more than we do. We are disappointed with the fact that there are few really good roles for women in the movies today, and we find it offensive that someone thinks actresses need to do sultry Calvin Klein underwear ads to promote themselves for the few good roles there are. We hope Hillary Swank doesn't take this advice and just keeps making good movies.

Hilary Swank