Monday, January 03, 2005

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Fannie May's Golden Parachute For Franklin Raines

The New Your Post has an editorial on the sweet deal for ex-CEO Franklin Raines.

This sounds like nice work, if you can get it.
Help lose nearly $9 billion.
Get "fired."
Walk away with a golden-parachute package of $26 million plus a monthly pension of $116,300.
And fully paid health and dental insurance for life.
As papers filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week show, the man in question with the sweetheart deal is Franklin Raines now-departed CEO of Fannie Mae, the public-private non-banking entity that is America's primary mortgage lender.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my services, I will run your institution into the dirt for half that.


Environmentalist call for an end to environmentally friendly wind power

It seems wind turbines are hell on kind of bats anyway.


Hero dog saves 7 year old Indian boy
A family dog in India saves a seven year old by, grabbing him by the collar and forcing him to higher ground during the tsunami.

"That dog grabbed me by the collar of my shirt," the boy said from under some trees at Pondicherry University, where the family is waiting for relief. "He dragged me out."

Sangeeta said she wept with joy when she saw her son walking up to her, with Selvakumar by his side. The Tamils of south India believe that talking about the death of a living person can make it so, so Sangeeta didn't want to mull over her decision or speculate how she would have felt had her son not survived.

She did say that she believes some special spirit, perhaps her brother-in-law's, resides in the young yellow dog.

"That dog is my God," said Sangeeta - with Dinakaran sitting on the ground at her feet and Selvakumar sleeping on the warm asphalt next to him.

Let's not get carried away Sangeeta, he is a good dog sure, but I can't have talk like that get around the Institute.


Ex-husband sues Jennifer Lopez for breach of contract

I could care less about the details of the case, but the headline is priceless. In fact Jen is so last week I don't even feel like posting a picture of her.


Ashlee Simpson says she can burp the alphabet

The singer, who stars in her own MTV reality TV show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, says she loves showing of her special talent. She said: "When I burp the alphabet, my favourite letter is G. It is an open consonant and it is at the beginning when my wind is strong.

"My worst letter is S. It is a closed consonant and at the end when I am out of wind."

And here I thought she didn't have any talent. I take that back.