Tuesday, January 04, 2005

EFI Morning Report With Your Host Pile On®

Human Events Names John O'Neill Man of the Year

He helped to teach us the truth about John Kerry and counter the lies Kerry spread about the image of the Vietnam veteran, whom Kerry maligned three decades ago when, as an anti-war agitator, he presented slanderous testimony in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Kerry wanted voters to see him as a war hero who stood by his "band of brothers." But John O'Neill and the Swift Boat veterans had a different view--of a John Kerry who had a questionable record in Vietnam and betrayed his fellow vets when he came home to falsely accuse them of routinely committing war crimes.


Company Builds A Better Toilet Seat

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Alan Brill approaches business from the bottom up.

His company, Brill Hygienic Products Inc., makes a computerized toilet seat that automatically changes a plastic sleeve covering it without the patron touching anything.

"The public bathroom today is like the United Nations of germs," Brill said. "Why would anybody want to put their private parts on a toilet seat?"

The United Nations of germs? Say no more, I am sold.

Now if they would come up with one that gives me a friendly pat on the cheek when I am done and thanks me for stopping by.


The Dump......What the Fock?

I saw a new and very large retail store in Houston called The Dump. It turns out it is a furniture store. The name brings two things to mind, neither of them make me want to buy furniture.


Meet The Fockers

People are flocking to see the Fockers. And is it any wonder, what with a name like that.

Get it? Fockers, you see it sounds like another word that you can't say on TV, but you can say Focker (juvenile giggle). Pure genius. How does Hollywood come up with this stuff? And the main character's name is Gaylord Focker. Get it? Did that humor go right over your head? Do I need to draw you a picture?


Sandra Bullock Donates One Million Dollars To Tsunami relief

For the second time, actress Sandra Bullock donates a million dollars to the American Red Cross. The first time was after 9/11.

The Ebb & Flow Institute gives her a big SALUTE.

Sandra Bullock