Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Great Karnak Contest

I think my favorite Johnny Carson Schtick is the Greak Karnak. The Prognosticator or Clairvoyant that would provide the answer to a sealed question. Opening the sealed envelope always revealed a question/answer combination of great comedic value. I've even attempted to emulate this in some caption contests by having a caption state.

Picture revealed after the Great Karnak made the following pronouncement . . .

I don't think I've ever won with one of these. In the great pursuit of intellectually stimulating pastimes, I'm going to run a "Great Karnak" contest this week. Please provide your entries in the form of answer "A: . . ." and question "Q: . . .". I will determine next week some way to be bribed to determine winners.


A: Chicken Teriyaki
Q: Name the worlds oldest Kamikaze pilot

A: O Gee Whiz
Q: What do the Astronauts call the toilet on the International Space Station.
(I know, add 5 more points to my nerd index)

I would expect to see some entries on current events and not rehashes of Carson's old material