Saturday, January 29, 2005

Winners - Great Karnak

The contest was off to a slow start, and as spd rdr said its a little harder than your run of the mill caption contest. However, people seemed to get the hang of it and some others found it with the help of some linking from OTB, (we must have some friends over there. )


First: McTrip
A : Hezbollah
Q : What the mono testicled terrorist was left with after the bomb went off.

Second: Duffer
A : Mephisto
Q : So what did you use to catch her eye Mr. Tyson ?

Third: Beloved Leader
A: Mouse Pad
Q: Where does Mickey live?

Best Political Bite

First: Greg
A:Mini-Me,Coffin Corner,and Barbara Boxer
Q:Name a runt,a punt,and a c**t. (even though I don't think 'coot' rhymes - editor)

Second: spd rdr
A. Clean sheets
Q. What Senator Byrd brought Dr. Rice's confirmation hearing.

Third: McCain
A. John Paul II, nylon, and Michael Moore.
Q. Name a Pope, a rope, and a dope.

And special thanks to Greg and McTrip for the many funny entries.