Friday, January 28, 2005

Live Blogging The Life Of Pile

Pile seems to be the topic of some conversation in the blogosphere this morning, and even though my life is like an open book here at the Institute there is still some mystery as to how I can make a living and make my rounds on the net. Well, all I can say is it takes dedication, commitment and hard work. I have that Midwestern work ethic thingy. It's a burden.

To clear things up, I will be live blogging my exciting life today.

7:10 am -- I don't feel very good, had a late night at a company awards party that spilled over into a pub afterwards. Don't think I'll be going into the office right away this morning. This should be okay, I was one of the first to leave.

7:30 am -- The lovely bride kisses me goodbye as she leaves for work.

7:45 am -- I fire up the computer, check my blog. Nothing new. Check Cass's blog. Always something new there. Discover people talking about me.

8:01 am -- Need coffee. Don't feel like making any but there is some left from yesterday. I can just heat it up in the microwave.

8:03 am -- Fricking microwave won't shut off. Piece of crap.

8:04 am -- Got the piece of crap to shut off.

8:30 am -- Feed dogs and get a piece of cake for myself. I like chocolate cake. It's good.

8:50 am -- Ruth Bader Ginsberg is swearing Condi in as SecState. She is short. Ruth not Condi. Condi towers over her. Cuz she is short. I am riveted.

9:30 am -- I feel sleepy. Take aspirin. Sentences are getting short. Can't think so good.


10:02 am -- Fox news is reporting the arrest of three Zarqawi aides. Hope they are making them comfortable. I would hate to think we would do anything to try and get information out of them.

10:14 am -- I wish Fox would show one of those car chases in LA., in my current mental state I think that would be riveting.


10:30 am -- I moved to the couch and channel surfed until I fell asleep.

11:17 am -- A call from a customer woke me up. Darnitall, don't they know I am not feeling well?

12:15 pm -- I made the decision to stop this nonsense. I have to go into the office and frankly this is just too intrusive. I need some privacy people, ya'll need to get your own lives and stop living vicariously through me.


2:45 pm -- Returned home from work, physically and mentally exhausted. These long days will be the death of me, such is the life of a workahaulic.

3:50 pm -- Woke up from a much needed nap and discovered there was a groundswell of popular support for my continuing the live blog. Peoples wants, peoples gets.

4:01 pm -- Went to Argghhh blog, tried to think of a funny caption and thank them for the argghh-alanche but my funny isn't working. So tired, but I must struggle on. The trash thingamajigger needs to be brought up from the street. Trash pick up was yesterday. The trash in the house really stinks. I think there are some scraps from tuesday's grilled salmon that have turned against me. If I can accomplish this I will reward myself with a nap.


4:50 pm -- Have you ever had a dog with an overactive anal scent gland? There are no words that would allow me to explain the experience to you if you haven't. I am thankful that humans communicate verbally and not with scent. I think Zoe was telling me I had spent enough time on the couch today.

4:55 pm --You want some funny? Go here. Hell is undergoing some expansion just in case there is a major natural disaster in the blue states and to prepare for the baby boomer generation.


5:07 pm -- The thing about going out on thursday is you forget about friday vespers. Salute to spd for reminding me. Cheers all. That might be just what the doctor ordered.


5:25 pm -- I am so bummed. I went to the CNN site to see if Bob Woodward or Angie Dickenson is going to be on Larry King tonight.....and he isn't on tonight. They are having a special on the Iraq vote. Like that is timely or important.

5:31 pm -- I decide to ask you, the readers to suggest something for me to watch tonight. I need my riveting TV fix. Please, maximum rivetation only.