Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Perfect Trial

Two teens enter a small grocery store. Its two sixty-two year old married owners are working the store. The teens quickly adorn face coverings, push the male owner against the counter and demand the money in the register. The man complies and is going to give them the money, but the first teen gets impatient. He says, "you are taking too long" and pulls a gun. The teen fires and shoots, and misses. Then his gun jams.

The man is probably thinking, at this point, that was a little uncalled for. So he pulls a .380 he had in his pocket. His wife decides that the teen's shot was a little rude as well, so she pulls a 9mm she kept under the counter. The teens retreat to the back of the store for cover.

Over the next few minutes, the parties held a non-jury trial. Winner - store owners. Losers - two teens. Punishment - death. An example of our court system reaching an efficient and just outcome.