Sunday, February 06, 2005


As we know, it is really about the commercials. At the start of the game, I will start live blogging the game and the between game entertainment. I don't like either the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, so I won't have a hard time making fun of either. My only regret is that they both can't lose.

I like Will Smith. The Ray Charles clips are cool, but he is blind not deaf. What is up with the sign language. That wouldn't do him a bit of good. I've seen that wedding chips commercial before. It is cute. Hot sports wives are always a nice thing.

How can you discuss the Patriots and not talk about their kicker. Don't get me wrong -- kickers don't usually earn much respect. And there is a reason for that. Every time you hear about some whiney chick playing football - what position is she playing? That's right, kicker. But the Patriots kicker is money -- he has never missed a clutch field goal.

I like the Ford commercial. Very scary bikers. The lincoln fry commercial was lame.
The WOT has resulted in a some nice military saluetes we might not otherwise have had. Of course, KJita just commented on the Japanses guys: "Look at those funny looking guys." When asked, she said it was their red hats. Of course, I just told her it is alright to say people are funny looking when they are different than us. (Not really.)

Nice show on the SBB. Better than a 15 minute soulful rendition, but it was no Jimi Hendrix. XXX has a sequel? I wish I were surprised. That movie will be terrible, but I will still watch 7 time when it comes out on Starz or HBO. The Muppet Za commercial was no big deal, but the Judge's line at the end made me chuckle. NASCAR on roller coaster -- cool look.

Who bet on the coin toss? I'll go with the Eagles. Win!

They have 2,000 cameras and they catch the fumble when it happens live in the game. Puhleeze. Ohh, a challenge. Oh, I think Philly will get the ball back. I like the Bud Lite commercial - with the pilot chasing the beer. Pile On has a pilot's license? Of course, he would not be chasing Bud Lite.

Really nice coffin corner kick. Very few punters do the coffin corner thing anymore. Funny dancing old Asian-americans. Otherwise, a dud commercial break.

Very cute FedEx commercial. Product message (optional) and groin kick - classics. Gay man drinks Diet Pepsi to Abba music -- not bad. Did anyone catch the product of the next commercial? I didn't notice anything after the strap broke.

Westbrook is proving difficult to tackle all of a sudden. Nice pick play. Stupid penalty. Oh, big sack. Nice commercial with the phone cameras and girlfriend thing. Still, I call it third place so far -- 1. FedEx, 2. Ford (bikers) 3. cell phones.

Two stupid Pats penalties and Macnab still can't help but throw in interception. Rush Limbaugh could not be reached for comment. Really good AmeriQuest commercial. Violence by quickie shop owners is always good. Talking baby -- stupid and uninspiring.

Another turnover. It is amazing the Pats aren't up 2 touchdowns. Tie -- 0-0, end of one. Great catch by Pinkston. Pats D has bent, but not broke yet. Eagles D is just dominant right now. They aren't even bending. Pats against the wall again. Will the Eagles choke?

And the answer is NO! Eagles 7, Pats 0. Nice Lays commercial. I never disliked MC Hammer either. As expected, the Pats get down and immediately start moving the ball. Then they fumble. D'oh! Challenge? OK, now I can say what I was about to before the non-fumble. I expect the Pats to answer immediately.

D'oh again. I love it. The officials are looking in the pile for the ball and the guy with the ball is standing out at the 40 yard line. Career commercial -- shot at Cassandra's client's office. Enough with the talking animals (except when done in parody, like the Fed Ex commercial). Paul McCartney -- I am so not excited. I hope he stays dressed.

Smooth/Rich Amber Bach commerical joins the top 5. I TOLD YOU THE PATS WOULD ANSWER (one possession later). 7-7. AND THAT IS A HALF. 7-7.


First half analysis: Good commercials in no order - Ford (bikers); Fed Ex; Smooth/Rich; Moma's Boy; cell phones/girlfriend. Pile On, who owns this site, told me to respect his preference for the talking cock, ah too. I must respect Pile On's preference. My friend Eric is watching the game with me - he supports the product he didn't notice when the girl testified to somebody and her strap broke. Oh, and there was a game. The Pats are actually lucky right now. Eagles offense worked well several times, but Eagles mistakes keep the Pats in the game.

Paul McCartney without Ringo just doesn't do it for me.


"If my ass hands, I would have caught that ball." Does anyone doubt that the Pats will dominate this half? What a nice catch by a linebacker. Pats 14 Eagles 7. It is a good thing that they put Tabasco on the swimsuit. That's all I'm saying. Chimps are funny - not birds. I really liked the cat/sauce/knife wielding Americquest ad.

Somehow, I missed the A-B ad with the troops. But with the magic of TiVo, I now realize I should have given A-B kudos for that ad. Very nice. Finally, a Cialis ad. Remember, erections of greater than 4 hours mean that you should consider a career change.

Macnab says, hop on my back fellas. Pats 14; Eagles 14. I was not a fan of the minaturization commercial. Steve Martin did it better. Apparently Pinkston has a case of the cramps. What a jip, the Super Bowl being during that time of the month.

Pats 21; Eagles 14. Did anyone other than Pile On doubt it? The MasterCard ad was merely OK. Dillon cuts the wrong way -- but I think the Pats will score anyway. I liked Cedrick's A-B ad. Cute. The Nuts ad was quite good as well. The Easter Bunny looked pissed.

Pats 24; Eagles 14. Conservative play calling wussies. Vinateri doesn't miss though. That interception, by Brewschi, brought to you by Pile On and Friday Vespers. What absolutely incredibley bad clock management. Well, I'll be. Pats 24; Eagles 21. Nice throw catch. 1:48 - three points with a kickoff to the Pats. On side kick ... and the ball is recovered by the Pats. Not a good on side kick.


Pats are wussies - run on third down. Now the Eagles look bad and throw an interception. 3 in 4 years. Congrats to the Pats and the City of Boston. Two winners this year, but one very important loser.

Thanks to all 3 of you who supported my efforts tonight. This is not easy, nor is it rewarding, nor is it all it's cracked up to be, but I'm sure I built character or something.

Final Score: Pats: 24; Eagles 21.