Thursday, February 03, 2005

No Thoughts For The Day

Fortunately Dan at Riehl World View has a thought for the day.

When trying to quiet your internal dialog, does it help if you tell yourself to stop, or does that simply exasperate the problem?

Although that seems more like a question than a thought.

Well you can't formulate a question without first having a thought can you?

You just did.

Brilliant comeback asscan.

Are you going to write something worth reading here?

Probably not. Do you have any bright ideas?

You could write about CNN's Eason Jordan saying US troops have targeted journalists in Iraq.

True, I could, but it is being done better than I could do by Captain Ed here.

Well, what about the State of the Union speech or the dems rebuttal?

Kinda late on that one, and the rebuttal is a joke. Regardless of your party affiliation you have to admit it isn't a rebuttal. They prepare their statements before they even hear the presidents speech, so what they have to say bears no reflection on what the president actually said.

The campaign is over there is no need for equal time, the rebuttal should be jettisoned, dispatched with, killed if you will.

"If you will"? No one talks like that, it makes you sound stupid.

It makes me snicker.

Whatever, this is going nowhere, why don't you write about Ward Churchill?

Nah, KJ already did that and Cassandra has it covered too. Nobody covers crap like that better than Cass, we don't want to be Piley come lately.

Wellfercrissakes, just post a picture of a hot chick and be done with it.

I can't do that, it has to be relevant, it has to be a hot chick in the news.

Well, CNN-SI says Tara Reid is looking for a boyfriend.

That's definitely news, good enough.

We should let everyone know that Dr. Phil is on Larry King Live tonight.

Swell, that will be riveting.

This post really sucks, and not sucks good either.

True, they can't all be link-bait, but we learned something.

Oh, we did? Just like at the end of a South Park cartoon?

We learned that the way to quiet your internal dialog is to find common ground.

Yeah, we did didn't we............putz.