Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Scathing Scalia Dissent

From the Laura Ingraham website.

[W]hen our robed masters find confirmation in Europe of their views about what is decent and what is 'cruel and unusual', they are relying on the views of a very narrow segment of European opinion--essentially the prejudices of the folks with whom they schmooze on their summer junkets to the continent.

-- The Hon. Antonin Scalia, in his dissent in the Roper v. Simmons case, where the majority extensively relied on foreign law in striking down the laws of 18 states that permit the execution of minors convicted of murder.


Let's hope our robed masters don't start taking summer vacations chumming with advocates of Sharia Law.

UPDATE: After I posted this I went through and read the Scalia dissent and could not find the section that was quoted on the Laura Ingraham website. So I sent her an e-mail asking for some clarification and got the following reply.

You are right--we screwed up! It was in a commentary ON the dissent!!! THANK YOU. will correct on air tomorrow!

No problem, we at the Institute are big fans of the Laura Ingraham radio show, it is the funniest talk radio show on the air and they use John Hiatt tunes for bumper music. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Before anybody asks, and to be completely up front and honest, when I fact check Laura, I wear a shirt and tie.