Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WTW Spotlight On Good Truckin' Buddies

The Ebb & Flow Institute salutes the Great American Trucker.

Truck drivers epitomize the American spirit, self-reliant, rugged, independent, ruggedly independent. They are free spirits that own the open road. They endure long hours driving the big rigs, doing a job that most of us romanticize, but few of us are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to switch to this adventurous career.

For the white trash crowd, this is the ultimate career. Big engines, the open road, not having a boss or wife looking over your shoulder all have a strong appeal, not to mention the smell of sweat, coffee and diesel fuel. Compared to what most WT'ers do, this is a glory career.

Unfortunately most do not have the strength of character, discipline, or the ability to drive all night and then back a trailer down a narrow road into a tight turn and hit a loading dock without tying up traffic for an hour. Nor do they have the study habits it takes to pass a urine test which leaves them only one option...the ultimate dream....owner operator. But alas and alak that dream for so many is crushed like a head on with a yugo when the bank checks the credit score.

So to the few that have what it takes, we salute you. We know it isn't easy, the long days, bad
weather, pushy dispatchers, surly receiving managers, crappy truckstop food, lousy drivers and being away from the ones you love. We at the Institute know that you don't get the credit you deserve, and it is rare that one of the heroes among you receives the much deserved recognition. We also know that there is hardly anything in our lives that isn't trucked from point A to point B in one of your trailers.

So to our good truckin' buddies, we say thank you, and SALUTE.