Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Vespers April 22, 2005

Please join the Institute in celebrating a very special Friday vespers, you see today is.......

The Natural Holiday of All the Humankind

Yes, that is right, it's Pile's birthday. A certain communist despot tried to claim this holiday as his own, but everyone knows he is just a poseur.

So grab a beer here. Due to overwhelming demand, we now have two girls to serve all of your beer needs.

We are going to have more fun than an all expense paid evening with the Twelve Girls Band.

To commemorate this glorious occasion the Institute horticulturists have bred the worlds most beautiful flower to bloom on this date (T. Pilonus Suckatalis).

Happy Natural Holiday of All the Humankind Pile.


The Institute would also like to wish a happy birthday to Cowboy On, who was also born on this date, nine years prior to the very first Natural Holiday of All the Humankind.

"Cowboy On" oil on canvas, portrait by Pile On®