Saturday, June 18, 2005

Big Story Weekend

The word on the street is that good friend of the Institute, Dan Riehl of Riehl World View will be on Fox News Channel's The Big Story Weekend, Saturday night at 9 pm ET. They will be covering the Natalee Holloway story and Dan has been on that like flies on stink.

Tune in, and then we can all make fun of him later.


I was hoping Dan would give me something to give him a hard time about, but in that respect he sorely disappointed. I knew when they said they had images from a suspects web site that had been pulled off the net after the suspect was arrested, that Dan was the one who captured the pages before they were yanked.

You did good Dan, you answered the questions honestly, refraining from speculation and hyperbole. In this day and age that is refreshing.

My only criticism is that if you are going to burp on national TV, you should have burped your url, a blogger must remember to self-promote at all times. The look on the Fox Newsbabe's face was priceless.

Dan looks just like I pictured him, Clark Kent good looks and all.

Beth has more details on the burping incident here.