Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Brief Editorial From the Desk of Pile

Perhaps the country would be better off with a Democrat President.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but admiration for the way Bush has led the country since 9/11. His resolve in the face of constant criticism has earned my respect. The behavior of many Democrats on the other hand has been deplorable. They have consistently put their hatred of Bush and their parties ambitions ahead of the needs of the country. Right now we need to be unified to prevail in this war and to provide leadership in a dangerous world.

The republicans have historically rallied behind an opposition President in times of war. Politics ends at the nation's shore, was a phrase that had meaning. If we had a Democrat President who wasn't from the Move On neutered moonbat wing of the party, the country could rally around his leadership and truly improve our chances at providing security for our country well into the future.

The problem is, while a Democrat in the tradition of Truman, JFK or Sam Nunn could win the Presidency, it is not likely they could win their parties nomination.

Oh, and Jennifer Garner is an attractive young lady, but the man hands are more than a little off-putting, don't you think?

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