Wednesday, July 13, 2005

WTW--Welcome to Piles Neighborhood

Hello Institute Patrons, please allow me to introduce you to my neighbor and his Ford Ranger. I don't see Mr. Neighbor often, but when I do he is working in the yard, dressed and looking very much like this. His yard is a pit, so other than plant the occasional Kucinich for President sign, I don't know what he accomplishes, other than showing off his ample physique.

I can't decide if I should let him in on how Rove rigged it so my vote would count and his wouldn't. Maybe if I do, he will clue me in on what is up with that donkey sticker. It can't possibly be that the Democrat donkey is pulling the cart and it is getting too heavy?

As long as we are engaging in the lefts version of intellectual discourse, let us discourse.

When the missiles are on the way, it would be nice to know what or who I am to have faith in.

Which is it again? Not enough people voted or the votes weren't counted?

A glimmer of hope for the left, but then who believes everything they think? I try to stick to believing what I know.

If I were debating these bumper stickers, this one would have just handed me my ass.

If Mr. Neighbor puts this one on his truck, I might have to go all G8 protestor on his arse.

This post is my official entry in this major competition.


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