Saturday, August 06, 2005

Press Release


The Ebb & Flow Institute announces it has joined its first major and very important blog alliance.

Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts

We are not saying that Judge Roberts is gay. But even if he is, the Conservative Bloggers Who Support the Gay Justice Roberts still support him. Even if he is gay.

For more information on this important, consequential, soon to be major, meaningful, momentous, significant, weighty blog alliance we kindly ask that you visit their well thought out and beautifully conceived website, Conservative Bloggers Who Support The Gay Judge Roberts.

There are two reasons the Institute has decided to join this alliance. Please allow me to start with reason one, and then I will move directly to reason number two.

Reason #1. We at the Institute are not saying Judge Roberts is gay, but if he is gay, which we are not saying, then we think his gayness would be good for the Supreme Court. Why? Because happy justices make happy rulings. The pursuit of happiness is one of at least three pillar type thingies this country was founded on. Good.

Reason #2. The left says we need a balanced court, a moderate must be replaced by a moderate. We at the Institute are not saying the left is right, but if the left is right, which we are not saying, then appointing the Gay Judge Roberts would provide much needed balance to the decidedly ungay Ruth Baby Ginsberg. More Good.

Unhappy judge who makes unhappy rulings.

To join the alliance of blogs who support the Gay Judge Roberts e-mail the founders at welikegayjudgeroberts -at- yahoo -dot- com, then link the official Blogsite on your Blog's sidebar, along with the official picture shown above.

Disclaimer--if the Gay Judge Roberts turns out to be another Republican nominee like Souter or Kennedy, this post will be deleted, never to be spoken of again.